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About us

When we founded Nordgreen in 2017, we wanted to make beautiful, Scandinavian designed watches available at reasonable prices - and with a high level of respect and responsibility for people and the planet. We wanted to become the world?s most sustainable watch brand. We also aspired to become a part of our customers? lives. To build a community of like-minded individuals with an eye for design and a passion to make the world a better place - not just for current generations, but for the future generations that will inherit it after us.

Our Vision

Nordgreen's vision is to pioneer inspirational Scandinavian design that inspires awareness and action around the challenges facing the planet, and humanity. We believe that longevity is key: designing and manufacturing timepieces that look to the future. We take timelessness very seriously. And not just because we?re a watch company. From our Guardian watch, designed to last 100 years, to our achievement of B Corp certification ? finding the balance between profit and purpose is our commitment. This is merely the beginning ? we are committed to achieving a zero footprint and every aspect of our business is working to realize that goal. We like to say that we are future positive.


As a transformational challenger brand our focus is to enable our customers to look good, do good and feel good. Our values are deeply rooted in our love for the planet. Our goal is that Nordgreen watches act as a reminder that we can all influence the world we leave behind for the next generations - even through the smallest of actions. We believe that there is hope for tomorrow. Our vision and mission, and our desire to be a transformational brand are summarized in the mantra: Do good, look good, feel good.

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